I’m sold on Google Plus


Over the holidays I spent some time figuring out Google Plus.

Previously, I viewed Google Plus as an add-on feature that Google wants to promote.  In reality, it is a core component of an entire Google ecosystem that involves search, YouTube, calendar, drive (document processing), maps, and gmail.  Your Google Plus profile simply serves as a your point of reference across all the offerings in the Google landscape.

And that makes Google Plus very powerful.  It is underestimated now, but I would anticipate that changing in the very near future.

Here is my take on the current context:

  • I use a person gmail account that I was previously only using for Google Calendar.  Now it’s the basis for my Google Plus and YouTube profiles and I’ve used it to login to maps, search, and drive
  • Google owns YouTube.  They are the number one and number two search engines and work in concert with each other.
  • There are currently a lot of abandoned or unused profiles, which is a bit frustrating.
  • Google now allows personalized URL, like Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms.  My personal URL is:  google.com/+craigstinsonnc and youtube.com/user/craigstinsonnc
  • Hangouts have a lot of potential for my business, which is promoting language learning.  A Hangout is simply a video conference that is archived on your YouTube account.  If I’m doing a language lesson, for example, I can then take the session and edit it and post it to my YouTube channel so others can find my work.
  • Communities are groups focued around topic areas.  Right now these groups are heavy on technical help like setting up your profile, how it works for your business, how Google Authorship works, etc.  What I’ve found in Google Communities is people want to help.  It is a very welcoming environment.
  • Communities again:  When I say they’re heavy on technical topics, that means there are a lot of opportunities in nearly every other niche.  So go for it!
  • Google Plus allows you to claim your Google business profile, which shows to the right on Google Search.  You should have control over that, as it is often the first point of reference for people looking for you.
  • Start a Google Buiness Page, as well.  I have one for El Sol Network.

There are a lot of other items, but I’ll stop there for now.  If you want an interview that gives you an overview of how Google Plus is Google, when I suggest listening to Martin Shervinton on Social Media Examiner.  Click here for the link.

And contact me should you have any questions.  I’m new, but learning quickly and would be happy to help you along the way.

Thanks!  And be sure to find me at Google Plus!

Sincerely,   Craig Stinson


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